Thursday, 24 May 2012

Something Special

Part of starting a wedding planning business is deciding exactly what you want your business to be, who you want as clients, how you will relate to them, and what you can offer them that no one else can, that something special that makes you unique.

One of my passions in wedding planning is planning to a theme, to make people feel like they have been transported from their everyday lives into a completely different time, place, or world. The unique service that I want to offer to my clients is to create a world that is exactly what they want it to be, from roses to regency, or perhaps the colour green or the Flintstones is more your style?

My own wedding had a medieval/fantasy theme, and seeing it all come together was the most amazing experience! As a wedding planner, my inspiration comes from sharing this experience with brides and grooms as they prepare for their special day, and helping their dream become a reality.

If you'd like a themed wedding, but need some help getting from the concept to the real thing, I'd  be more than happy to offer what advice I can, so leave a comment and I will respond!

Here's a couple of theme ideas I've put together that inspire me and that I would love to have the opportunity to design a wedding around. Maybe they'll inspire you too!

Pirate wedding inspiration board

Lego wedding inspiration board

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland inspiration board


  1. Themes are the way to go! I love the ones you posted. :D I can see how all 3 would be a really fun wedding! And really you could combine 1 and 2 and have a Lego Pirates theme hehe

    1. I totally love that idea! Lego pirates is great!